Naming Ceremonies
We love the idea of naming ceremonies at Celebrants of Brisbane.

“I think naming ceremonies are a special opportunity for families to recognize and celebrate the individuality of their child. This can be achieved without adhering to any one system of belief. It is like a ‘welcome to this world dear soul’ with no expectations as to the traditions of pomp and ceremony.” says Carleen.

Some people think that a religious baptism or christening is their only choice. However, these days it is not unusual to see differences of beliefs even within a family. A naming ceremony can be a neutral solution to this problem.

Naming ceremonies can be found in cultures all all over the world. From tribes in Africa to villages of south east asia, celebrating the birth of a child is an important rite of passage for all. Naming ceremonies are significant and specialised because every ceremony is crafted for the uniqueness of the child it is being held for, says Carleen and a child can be any age.

The naming of your child is a celebration, says Carleen and a ceremony can be a simple affair or as elaborate and creative as you want.

Let’s get together - choose a date and location - and co-create a naming ceremony for a child in your family.


Naming Ceremony Cost - AUD$300.00

Payment can be made by internet transfer, cash or by cheque / Australia Post Money Order.

Fee includes:
  • Meeting time with family to research and uncover the unique qualities of their child, the special people in their life and the name they have been given.
  • Providing family with a breakdown of the different ceremonies designed by Celebrants of Brisbane, which can be tailored for their child’s naming ceremony.
  • Naming ceremony held in *South East Queensland (Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coasts - within one hour of Brisbane)
  • Arrival at venue or location half hour before to assist and prepare.
  • Celebration Certificate of your child’s naming ceremony.

* Additional costs, if extra travel is required: Celebrants of Brisbane can be engaged for naming ceremonies throughout Australia, however outside the South East Queensland Corner (Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coasts) may incur additional costs for travel, distance and time.

For example, Byron Bay $100.00 (2 hours from Brisbane), Agnes Waters $300.00 (5 hours from Brisbane), Stradbroke Island (Ferry Cost for car); other capital cities e.g. Melbourne, Sydney (airfare and possibly one night’s accommodation – depending on time of the service).