How can I help you on your special Day?

How Can a Celebrant help You On Your Special Day?

It is your special day and you want everything to be perfect so how can your celebrant help?

I guess what I am trying to say is choosing the best celebrant for you can be a big benefit when it comes to making your day perfect. I have found through my experience is where the celebrants positions themselves as far as the ceremony goes is very important for the photos of the day. I used to do the service planted dead centre of the couple while they held hands. This I have found has not been a wise place as every photo angle of their service has you in it. You have met the couple to do their wedding years later they probably won’t remember your name so why do you have to be front and centre of every one of their photos?

You have a PA system that allows the whole service to hear you so within eye contact of your couple will be fine to conduct the service. I stand to the side of the couple and get the bridemaids and best man to leave a gap of around 2 arms lengths between them and the couple. I then work the floor so that I am looking direct into the couples eyes when I am doing the “asking” part of the service and within eye contact of each couple when they say their vows but I allow the photos to be taken of the couple only. If I happen to get into the fringe It can be photo shopped out.

I involve my couple in all the major decisions of their service but the little things I decide quickly and without fuss. At the rehearsal that is where I obtain confirmation that the service is everything they have imagined. The service is timed at the rehearsal and final changes are decided at this point.

I always advocate that as a celebrant I am always part of the solution and never the problem for my lovely couple. I always assure them that on the day it is my job to make sure they are married legally and with as little fuss so that they can get onto the celebration part of the wedding which is important to them.

I love my job.




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