Making the most of your guests – Saving on Wedding Photography

How to save money on your wedding photography – making the most of your guests 

The average cost of weddings is going up and up, and while many couples want the perfect day, they don’t want to be paying off their wedding for years to come. Photos to remember your special day are a must, however if you do have a strict budget, there are ways to be cost effective and save money on photography. 

You can hire the photographer to do the main photos for the day; before the ceremony, walking down the aisle, and the signing of the wedding register. Of course, there’s also the mandatory family group photos, but have you considered capturing the essence of your day through the camera lens of your guests? These days there are many free apps that have been developed which allow couples to create a log in and password that can be distributed to the guests before the ceremony. Guests can then save pictures to the account, essentially creating a digital photo album of your wedding. The couple can even add photos of the honeymoon afterwards or perhaps a snapshot of the proposal and engagement to get the guests excited for the wedding; you’re only limited by your imagination, not your pocket! 

I was recently given a log-in to one of my lovely couples wedding photos on an app called Wedpics. This allowed me full access to view all the photos that were shot on the day. It was wonderful looking back on the ceremony just a few days later and seeing all the happy snaps from the day. I was surprised by the quality of the pics as well. Searching through the app store, there seem to a few different apps to choose from, each with different functions and features. 

It is great to see that there are a lot of free tools that couples can use to make their wedding day memorable, without breaking the bank. If you have any money saving tips, please share them with us! 




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