The Full Moon Commitment

When a couple are trying to decide on the date that they will be married. There are many things to take into consideration such as applying for annual leave from their occupations and if the venue will be free on that date and if the reception can be booked for the same day. They would want to make  sure that the date is suitable with close family and friends that they may want to share their wedding with and perhaps something that is overlooked but can be a integral part of the planning of the date is where is the cycle the moon it. The moon cycles approximately every 28 days and there are four phases to this cycle. It is believed that during the New Moon and the Full Moon phases when the moon lines up with the Sun and the Earth the energy that arises from this connection is magnificent. It is during this time that intentions set are believed to be supported by the Universe and planetary forces.

When the moon is full the planet is bathed in illumination and allows us to see clearly. This is a good time to state your intentions by the exchanging of vows and setting your relationship on a new and more illuminated path one of success and integration for your new life together.

Likewise during a New Moon when the moon is positioned between the Earth and the sun it is a good time for renewing your vows. You allow you and your life partner and your relationship to change and develop. You can see each other in a richer and deeper relationship than you have ever experienced before. When the Moon, Sun and Earth align the energy that this creates is magical and you can join with the planetary forces to have a positive effect on you and your union.

So if you have the opportunity and freedom to choose your wedding date and it is not governed by the other forces in your life give yourself the added support by the universe and plan your wedded union to be on a full moon or a new moon. Make sure you get a photo of this beautiful full moon to have in your album and keepsakes. This will ensure that you have the full support of the Universe and the abundant energy that this creates in your relationship will create miracles for you and your loved one.


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