Unplugged Ceremonies

I came across this new phrase just recently when I was talking to a professional photographer. It is termed as an “unplugged ceremony”.

This is when the use of mobile phones and camera’s are prohibited during the service. Why this has come about is the couple have paid lots of money for a professional photographer and her/his job is hindered by people with mobile phones doing a video or jumping in front of the paid photographer to get the sort after shot.

The person who is manning the phone is not watching the magic of the ceremony unfold before their eyes because they are too busy snapping the moment so that they can compare their shots at a later date. This is a precious moment of two people committing to share their lives together and the mobile user has lost it!

Another reason why the unplugged rule has been adopted by couples is because of the unsolicited use of their photos on social media sites such as facebook. They have paid money to get a professional photographer to get high quaity shots that they select themselves, yet some unthoughtful person has posted before the ceremony is even completed – some of these photos of the happy couple end up looking more like bloopers and not flattering at all! If they had the choice, they probably would not have it on public view on Facebook!!! And we all know that what gets posted to Facebook becomes the property of Facebook and can be used without their consent?

I feel it is the couple’s right to post their own favourite wedding photos and video clips on Facebook – not the mobile phone user.

So can I suggest that out of respect for the marrying couple, even if this is not said by the celebrant at the start of the ceremony that you do not hinder the photographer, or post a photo of the happy couple without their prior knowledge?

~ Carleen

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