Find Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Here


Find Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Here

What documents do I need to get married?

You will need to submit a “Notice of Intended Marriage“ form to myself which I will help you fill in when we meet for the first time.  This is to be witnessed by myself when we meet. You will also need Original Birth Certificate or Current Passport which identifies your date and place of birth, a current driver’s licence and If either party has been married before a proof of divorce translated in English.

How quickly can we get married?

Upon receiving the Notice of Intended Marriage form from yourselves  you will need to allow 30days.

What if we cancel our wedding?

You are able to cancel your wedding day up to 14 days from your service date. The $250.00 is a non-refundable deposit so it will not be refunded. However, you have the option to change the date as long as this date is available for the Celebrant to attend. If you give less than the required 14 days notice it is up to the Celebrant as to how much preparation has gone into the wedding service. Where documents have been filled in there is a cost for this service.

How many witnesses do we need for our wedding service?

You will need two witnesses over the age of 18 years to witness your service. They do not need to be related to either party or even known by the couple getting married.

Can we have a surprise wedding?

Yes, you can have a surprise wedding for your guests but both parties to the wedding need to have signed the NOIM form so it will not be possible to surprise the couple.

How long does the average service take?

The average wedding will take between twenty to thirty minutes depending on the elements you include in the service.

What name does the Bride sign under?

The bride will sign all the documents under her maiden name or the last legal number that she has been using. This is her legal name for the wedding service.

Can my children give me away?

Yes your children can give you away at the wedding. It is a personal choice.

Can we write our own vows?

Yes you can write your own personal vows with the option of including the legal wording written into them or we can do the official wording separately either before or after your personal vows are read. A lot of people prefer their personal vows to be read.

What needs to be legally said during the wedding service?

There are three components of the ceremony that must be adhered to legally.

  1. You must say the vows to one another that contain a certain statement;
  2. The celebrant must recite the Monitum; and
  3. You must be declared husband and wife in marriage.

This can all be done effortlessly and it can be an amazing experience for everyone present on the day. It is important to enjoy your day so just relax and I will make sure it is all done for you.

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